Measurements on 5-transistor radio Siemens RT 711A

Walking threw the red circles are the scope screens in that points visible.
Click in the circle shows the scope screen enlarged.

This is a very simple radio.
Standard superhet radios have one IF stage more and therefore better detachment of oscillator frequency, better sensitivity and selectivity.

First HF trafo - oscillator ( ˜ 1020 kHz) can with time basis 0.5µs in points:
1A(1V/div) - about 5V peak-peak,   1B(0.5V/div) - 400mV pp,    1D(0.5V/div) - 800mV pp,    1E(0.5V/div) - 600mV pp.

Second HF trafo - 1.intermediate freq. (455 kHz)
2A(0.5V/div) - 400mV pp,    2E(50mV/div) - 40mV pp.


Third HF trafo - 2.intermediate freq. (455 kHz)
3C(0.5V/div) - 500mV pp,    3A(0.5V/div) - 500mV pp,    3E(0.2V/div) - 400mV pp,       3F(50mV/div) - 150mV pp.

same trafo - 3C all (0.5V/div) tuned 2 different stations - third without modulation.